Jet Lag

Behind the velvet ropes: When I lived in New York, I loved making up stories that would get me past the bouncer at a crowded bar. In a city full of professional doormen, I quickly learned that "My friend is inside and has my keys" only worked if they were going to let you in anyway. I never stooped to offering money, since anyone can do that and it seemed beneath my abilities. No, I knew the best way to bust into a bar that didn't want me was pure bravura. My favorite line: "Do you have any idea who I think I am?" Even if it didn't get me in, it invariably got an enormous smile out of the oversized being, which was payoff itself. Now Denver has a new velvet rope that everyone will be working to get behind: Twenty. While the lobby bar and restaurant of the Jet Hotel (formerly Luna) are open to the public, the basement has been converted to Twenty, a members-only club. (It's also open to people staying in one of Jet's nineteen rooms.) What's the difference between the Jet lounge and Twenty? A thousand bucks. Both the lounge and Twenty are beautifully appointed, with sleek, cushy couches and stylish lighting. But Twenty is clearly more exclusive, promising a staff that knows you by name, bottle service, private enclosures, chauffeur service and plenty of sightings of professional athletes. If they try the signature Jet Lag ($12), made with Moët & Chandon Nectar Impérial, Red Bull and fresh lime, they'll be able to stay up for the after-hours parties that have been rumored to last until the wee hours of the morning. By the way, don't even think of telling the bouncer that your friend downstairs at Twenty has your keys. That's a surefire way to wind up in the lobby lounge for the night -- but that's not bad duty, either.


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