Larkburger alert in Boulder

Shortly after returning home from lunch today at El Taco de Mexico (Friday afternoon habit), I got an email from a friend alerting me to good news on the restaurant front, namely that earth muffins Boulderites have a new burger barn to fry them to the moon. Only it's not just any burger barn: It's Larkburger, the second offshoot from owner Thomas Salamunovich's righteous, planet-conscious burger shack, which started in Edwards and will soon become a trio of hamburger hamlets when the third outpost opens later this year in the Tech Center.

Larkburger alert in Boulder

Boulder's Larkburger, at 2525 Arapahoe, held its grand opening today, and when I called to get all the juicy details, the guy on the horn was frazzled (the background ruckus sounded like a semi skidding on ice), but he quickly confirmed what I already knew: The Black Angus beef is all natural, the buns all natural, too. The lone salad on the menu is made with as many organic ingredients as possible; the cups and salad containers are constructed from corn-based products; the cutlery made from corn starch or potatoes.

But despite the earth mother manifesto, the menu doesn't preach elitism. Instead, it's a simple stage of burgers -- naked beef, tuna, roasted portabella and all-natural turkey -- cooked to order, dressed with leaf lettuce, tomatoes, onions and the joint's housemade sauce. True, the hand-cut fries dusted with Parmesan and drizzled with truffle oil are highbrow, but the chocolate, vanilla and strawberry shakes are people's fair food -- even in the People's Republic of Boulder.

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