Lime shortage hits Denver -- talk about a wedge issue!

Adelitas pours the best house margarita in town.
Adelitas pours the best house margarita in town.

The infamous lime shortage -- which has been blamed on everything from a citrus disease to a Mexican drug cartel -- has hit Denver. And while it didn't seem to affect the taste of the the Best of Denver 2014's Best House Margaritas at Adelitas Cocina y Cantina(two-for-one on Monday nights!), we were talked out of a slice of citrus to go with our Tecate Light. See also: Dry Dock "Cool" spoofs lime beers

Get your limes here!
Get your limes here!

Just the day before, we'd had no problem getting a big wedge of lime -- delivered in a tidy shotglass -- at a far less likely location, the Hangar Bar, a classic dive that dates from 1938. Fortunately, the lime didn't.

What signs of the lime shortage have you spotted around town?

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