Live nude girls (well, almost...)

Want to know one of the things I love about Jonesy's EatBar?  It serves amazing bowls of perfect french fries with a bacon-studded macaroni and cheese bechamel.

Want to know one of the other reasons I love it?  Owner Leigh Jones's staff is willing to get (almost) naked for a good cause.  They did it a few months ago with the release of a pin-up calendar where the staff stripped down to their skivvies and tattoos to benefit Metro Denver Partners.  And now they're doing it again for Share Our Strength -- an organization dedicated to solving the problem of childhood hunger.

See, this time around what they've got is a bunch of Share Our Strength/Taste of the Nation T-shirts designed by Denver tattoo artist Josh Ford.  From 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Wednesday, July 15, the bartenders and staff at Jonesy's (along with some "special guests," according to Jones) will be wearing said T-shirts.  And customers will then be able to buy the shirts right off the backs of the staff with proceeds going directly to Share Our Strength.

Nudity and charity at the same time?  I like the way these folks think.  And remember: the actual Taste of the Nation event will be going down on Sunday, July 19 at Mile High Station.  For more details, check out the Denver page of the Share Our Strength website at

Of course, that's one of those fancy-pantsy charity events, so I doubt if anyone will be taking their clothes off there ...


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