Lobby American Grill gets ready to lounge in the former Buenos Aires space

The construction zone at Lobby American Grill
The construction zone at Lobby American Grill
Lori Midson

One of the loveliest patios in downtown Denver is finally being resurrected. Since February 15, the day Buenos Aires Grill served its last dinner at 2191 Arapahoe Street, that patio has been off limits,  but now that the crew from the Whiskey Bar has snapped up the space, we'll soon be able to kick back amid the leafy trees and blooms and soak up the sun.

By the third or fourth week in September, Whiskey Bar boys Corey Sylvester, Cory Schwab, Rich Johnson and Joe Ruzicka plan to unveil the Lobby American Grill. According to Charley Sinden, who's been tapped as the grill's executive chef (Sinden is the former exec chef at the now defunct nine75), the menu's going to be "American food with Midwest and Southern influences," and nothing will be more than $16. "Our tagline is 'good food for people in jeans,'" he says.

As for the two-tiered room that swallowed Buenos Aires, they're not doing a whole lot to change it. "It's a great space, so we're just giving it a facelift," Sylvester says. But judging from the above pic, Joan Rivers would approve.

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