Lucy's Mint Julep at Lucy/Comedy Works

I never thought that my mother, of all people, would be at the epicenter of the area's newest hot spot, but since she moved into the Landmark development, I've been much more willing to jump on I-25 and head outside of my usual north of Hampden/south of I-70 drinking territory. Within the last year or so, the south suburbs that were formerly the land of desperate housewives playing bridge games have turned into the land of desperate housewives playing mind games — which means they're finally playing a game that I understand. So last week I switched off the homing device that usually keeps me within the City of Denver and met my mother for dinner at Lucy, the restaurant above the Comedy Works. The bar here is modern and beautiful, with white granite and white leather barstools, and a libation menu full of Southern-inspired cocktails. The older I get (and the closer in age to understanding bridge), the more I like my bourbon, so I ordered a Lucy Mint Julep ($10) made with Ridgemont Reserve 1792 Small Batch Bourbon, mint, fresh peach purée and a splash of soda. It was a spectacularly modern twist on an old favorite, and gave me yet another reason why I love Lucy.


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