Lunch at Larkburger

Lunch at Larkburger

I did not have the greatest food luck in the mountains. I found a good spot for breakfast and lunch (read about it next week), and the pizza from the Blue Moose was at least decent (and better by a long stretch than anything else we ordered). But everything else? A serious disappointment.

That is, until I left the cloister of Beaver Creek and the Epcot-y Bavarian weirdness of Vail Village, took some good advice and busted out for the original Larkburger in Edwards.

Lunch at Larkburger

Yeah, this is a plain-jane Larkburger straight on its way

to my burger hole -- a big, fat, drippy, Angus beef burger cooked a

perfect mid-rare, jacketed in sharp cheddar and decorated in

beautifully fresh tomatoes, lettuce and thick-cut red onion. Not shown

in the photo, a burger's two best friends: a brown paper bag full of

nice shoestring fries and an excellent $5 chocolate milkshake.

While still not surpassing Bud's as my favorite burger in Colorado, and

not quite knocking Old School out of its slot as my current quick-hit,

take-away champion, Larkburger now takes a solid third in my local

cheeseburger pantheon. Too bad Edwards isn't a bit closer to my neighborhood...but then again, that new Larkburger in Boulder may be enough to justify a trip to the People's Republic.

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