Margaritter at Dixons Downtown Grill

Jump on the bandwagon! Others may bitch about the traffic and inconvenience, but I'm incredibly enthusiastic about the Democratic National Convention coming to town, almost apoplectic at the idea of Denver being the center of the country. Maybe this is a holdover from my time living in New York City; I still miss the excitement of national news being made right down the street. But now, for at least a week, Colorado will not be considered a "fly-over" state. And I love it that places like Dixons have embraced the DNC with the same fervor. Dixons, whose LoDo location should put it at the center of plenty of action, has added a number of DNC (Damn Nice Cocktail) drinks that taste good regardless of your party affiliation. My favorite: the Margaritter ($9). Created with a wink to our governor, it's a slight variation on the classic margarita, made with Sauza Gold tequila, triple sec, lime juice, sweet and sour and a splash of grapefruit juice. (I'd suggest asking for it without the triple sec, since it's sweet enough.) There's also a Rodham Sock'em ($8), the perfect pool (in this case, delegate pool) cocktail: Made with blended and frozen Stoli vodka and lemonade, it has an appropriately sourpuss Billary taste. Make the 16th Street Mall shuttle your designated driver, and jump on the bandwagon with me at Dixons. I'm pretty sure we'll have more fun there than we would at the Pepsi Center. We'll definitely have more drinks.


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