Matt's Snack Shack feeds on-the-go vegetarians...and even vegans

Matt's Snack Shack feeds on-the-go vegetarians...and even vegans

Let us be the first to admit that the photo above is not of the highest quality -- but that's what happens when something share-worthy sneaks up on you when you're least expecting it: You leave your nice, food-worthy camera at home and end up stealing a photo with your cell phone. And yes, Matt's Snack Shack deserves better. That's the new food truck we discovered last week outside of Renegade Brewing. Matt's has a basic menu of grilled wings, beer brats and gourmet grilled cheeses, the latter a very welcome find for vegetarians. And while nothing on that menu is vegan-friendly, if you ask the eponymous Matt, he just might hook you up.

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Pictured above is a vegan brat that Matt had stashed in his Snack Shack; he topped it with mustard, chopped onion and chopped green chile, and it was perfect washed down with a Renegade ale, served with a bag of chips on the side. It had all the flavor of the meat-heavy version with none of the fat/cholesterol/other stuff that'll kill you before your time, and with the fixings that Matt provided, it hit the spot. One (with the chips) is sizable enough for a meal, but if you're super-hungry and eat cheese, the grilled cheeses are also awesome. Matt wraps them in foil and delivers them tableside for your noshing pleasure.

Visit for a full menu and schedule of stops.


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