Meet and greet at Civic Center Eats

Meet and greet at Civic Center Eats

The recent rains have greened up -- and cleaned up -- Civic Center Park, which was looking good for today's first installment of Civic Center Eats, the weekly market and cafe that's moved to mid-day Tuesday this year.

Girl power mixes the Girls. Inc smoothies.
Girl power mixes the Girls. Inc smoothies.

Most inventive booth: The Girls Inc. smoothie stand, which uses pedal power to mix the drinks.

Less predictable are the people who'll be frequenting the market, which will run from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Tuesday through September 29. Today's lineup included:

Mayor John Hickenlooper, fresh from playing a senator in a new movie being made by his cousin, George Hickenlooper.

Rich Grant of Visit Denver, who was talking fondly -- perhaps a little too fondly -- of how in Paris, they tote in tons of sand and drop it by the Seine, so that women can sit topless under umbrellas and pretend that they're in Saint-Tropez.

A faithful Westword reader who is 82 and wonders why Jason Sheehan uses such bad language: "If he were my son, he wouldn't get away with that."

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