Mention a billboard, get a free dinner at the Broker

Mention a billboard, get a free dinner at the Broker
Photo by Melanie Asmar

Want some free king crab legs? How about a gratis rack of lamb? From now until at least the end of the summer, the Broker Restaurant, at 821 17th Street, is offering a free dinner to anyone who mentions its new billboard at Broadway and 18th, advertising -- what else? -- a free dinner.

There's a catch, though: You have to buy at least one full-price entree in order to get a second one of equal or lesser value for free.

Manager Laura Bloss says the free dinner deal was the brainchild of Ed Novak, who opened the Broker more than three decades ago. "We know it's a high-end restaurant, and he does a lot of things to make it affordable for people to eat here," she explains. For example, the Broker also offers free entrees to diners on their birthdays.

While you can't use the two deals at the same time, that's a petty complaint -- when all you have to do to get a free $48 T-bone steak is mention a billboard (and find someone to buy a second steak).

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