Every time I walk into Cuba Cuba, I can't help but think of Matthew McConaughey. Naked. While I realize the Failure to Launch star's nude bongo incident was back in 1999, I know he would love the bongo tables in the tiny bar at Cuba Cuba. Actually, I'm pretty sure that Matty -- that's what my twisted little mind imagines I'd call him if we were friends -- would love everything about Cuba Cuba, from the fact that the owners rehabbed two vintage Victorian homes in the Golden Triangle and transformed them into an adorable corner resembling Miami's Little Havana, to the tropical lounge area complete with a bamboo bar and palm fronds. And I'm certain he'd love the mojito ($7), made with lots of fresh mint, limes, sugar, Bacardi Limón Rum and club soda. While Cuba Cuba also offers variations on this classic cocktail, including mango and blackberry, neither Matty nor I believe you should screw with tradition. If there are more than three people in your group (or two, if your friends are like Matty and me), order the mojitos by the pitcher ($35). You'll save lots of money, and just around the time you finish your second glass, you'll realize that even though these drinks don't have the strong taste of rum, they contain plenty of alcohol. Because by then, you'll also realize that you don't have to be a movie star to play the bongos, clothed or naked.


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