MuchoTE Mango Margarita at Lime XS

Wonder twin powers activate! Shape of an agave plant. Form of a hangover. At Lime XS, I recently met up with Dave Elger, who's launched MuchoTE Tequila with his brother, Will. Born in Mexico City but now based in Denver, the twins have taken on the super-heroic task of making a super-premium tequila at a value price, and as far as I can tell, they deserve a medal — or whatever it is you give Super Friends for their heroism. And maybe it is a medal, because after just six months, the tequila received the gold medal at the 2008 Agave Spirits Challenge. MuchoTE is as smooth a reposado tequila as you're going to find, so soft in your mouth it's almost buttery -- but in a good way. I loved it as a shot ($7), but also in the MuchoTE Mango Margarita ($8), made with MuchoTE Tequila, fresh mango purée, Triple Sec and homemade sweet and sour, served on the rocks. Sitting on the patio at Lime XS sipping margs, I listened while Dave talked about how to make outrageous tequila without an outrageous price. To get the flavor and color, they age the tequila in Jack Daniel's bourbon casks for at least seven months, five more than required. And they skip the fancy bottle in order to pour more money, and attention, into their tequila. Beer's had its twins (thanks, Coors); now it's tequila's time. Even the song works: "I love burritos at 4 a.m., parties that never end, dogs that love cats, and twins."


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