Ninjas rob restaurant, leave tacos behind

On Sunday, a pair of ninjas robbed Deli Cioso, a Mexican restaurant in Longmont. Owner Rudy Masia says he turned over a day's receipts to the mysterious miscreants, who were tiny and dressed in black.

Longmont Police Sergeant Garrett Boden told the Longmont Times-Call that the culprits didn't have large knives or swords. So how did Masia know that they were ninjas? Maybe he was a Shogun warrior in a previous life, before he started slinging tortillas. After all, Longmont isn't exactly known as a ninja hotbed.

The officers who responded to the scene used a police dog to search the area, but were unable to find a scent. It's like the robbers just vanished into thin air. Hey -- just like ninjas.


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