No surprise that Colorado fast-casual is healthy. But McDonald's?

In the incredibly fast-paced life of being a college student in Boulder AND a food blogger, sometimes I simply don't have time to make steamed vegetables, steamed brown rice and steamed tofu for dinner.

But now, for those dire moments when I must eat on the run, I can refer to's new list of America's Top 10 Healthiest Fast Food Restaurants -- three of them based in Colorado!

I mentioned Noodles & Company (number four), Chipotle (number six) and Einstein Brothers (number nine) in an earlier article, "Colorado's fast-expanding, fast-improving, fast-casual world," which delved into this state's affinity for creating highly successful fast-casual restaurants.

Turns out, they're healthy, too!

As thrilled as I was to see Colorado represent, the honorwould mean more if it weren't for number eight on the list: You know, the fast-food joint with 14,000 locations across the country and set of distinctive golden arches (can I even say 'golden arches' without some sort of copyright infringement?). That's right,'s list of the country's healthiest fast-food restaurants includes McDonald's.

The same McDonald's that has been sued for making someone obese; the same McDonald's whose chicken nuggets have around twenty ingredients, many of which are derived from corn.

I know that the panel that came up with this list has good cred and used good

criteria, but I'd suggest that next time, any establishment

that's been featured in a documentary where someone got seriously ill

after eating only that establishment's food for a month automatically be banned from the list.

I know it all comes down to the choices we make, and McDonald's does

have healthy choices, but since this company did nothing to stop the obesity epidemic in this country, it's shocking to see it sitting

there on the list, staring down at other places that I'm sure were more


It makes me wonder which of the panelists the McEmpire had in its McPocket.

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