Noca is no go

Noca is no go

Back in December, Robert Thompson (formerly of Brasserie Rouge, the Atomic Cowboy and B-52 Billiards) announced that his Chicago company, Seasoned Development, would open its first Noca Kitchen at 1433 17th Street in Denver.

"Noca Kitchen is going to be a substantial growth vehicle for us in Denver, as well as the rest of the country," Thompson said at the time of the gourmet-fast concept. Don't know how fast it will catch on in the rest of the country, but Noca is now a no-go on 17th, and that space is back on the market.

Thompson's keeping his hand in Denver, though: He's turning the old Squealing Pig space at 2700 East Third Avenue into Argyll, which could be the town's second "gastropub" -- if it beats Colt & Gray, another gastropub going into 1553 Platte Street. Thompson's ex-wife, Leigh Jones, owns the town's first: Jonesy's EatBar.

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