If that elk could talk!
If that elk could talk!

Northwoods Inn advertises its "deceptive new concept"

This ad for a Bar Hostess popped up on Craigslist last week:

Are you 21+, love a great environment and want to make $12.50/hr? If you are the type of girl that demands attention and turns heads, you might be perfect for Denver's newest nightlife club; Northwoods Inn! The hot, new exclusive club, Northwoods Inn is a deceptive new concept in premium clubs in the Denver area. Situated in South Denver, we are hiring a few motivated hostesses that can also double as a bartender in our high volume bars...

Interested in joining an elite group of women in a Wild West Saloon atmosphere in a sexy, but proper attire. Do you have what it takes? If so, we are interviewing now.

"Deceptive new concept"? Could that be a reference to the fact that after fifty years as a steakhouse, the Northwoods Inn is now home base for the Scarlet Ranch, the swingers' club that closed up its location at 424 Broadway in April?

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