Punch Bowl Social
Punch Bowl Social

Oh, Deer: Punch Bowl Social Billboard Casts a Long Shadow

Punch Bowl Social has been putting up billboards in a few locations around town, but the suit-wearing deer pictured on the one looming over downtown at 20th and Broadway is turning heads for more than just those impressive antlers. Passersby are getting a rise out of a shadow -- or is it a stain? -- on the billboard that's giving the mascot a little extra something.

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Restaurateur Robert Thompson, whose Seasoned Development restaurant group also includes Punch Bowls in Austin and Portland, Argyll and the upcoming Griffin German beer hall in RiNo, says he was unaware of the effect until photos started popping up on Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter member @beertographer noticed the unusual shadow on the billboard and snapped a photo for posterity. And not looking a gift horse in the mouth, Thompson replied on Twitter: "This puts new meaning behind the word Stag. Hats off, Daniel the Deer."

There's nothing quite like free advertising through social media, so the Punch Bowl team wants you to keep the tips coming. "We didn't design the image to work with the shadow, but wouldn't change it for anything," adds Thompson.

He has a point.


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