Olive Garden needs a new slogan -- bring on the bread and circuses!

Give the people what they want!
Give the people what they want!

Olive Garden just announced that it's ditching its fifteen-year-old slogan "When You're Here, You're Family" in favor of the simple "Go Olive Garden." While the old slogan was incredibly cheesy to the point of being disingenuous, at least the marketing folks put more than a cigarette break's worth of time into it. "Go Olive Garden?" It's like the company has given up on creative sayings -- just like it long ago gave up on really innovative menu items.

Olive Garden clearly needs some help if it's going to have a better slogan. Keep reading for our five new slogans for Olive Garden. And here's a sixth: "When you have beer, you're family." See also: - Five things Olive Garden should dump...now - My top five full-service chain restaurant meals

Olive Garden needs a new slogan -- bring on the bread and circuses!

5. Olive Garden -- Hepatitis Scare Free Since 2011!

This slogan is upbeat and confident, and has the added bonus of being absolutely true. A location in Fayetteville, North Carolina had a hepatitis A scare in August 2011 when a server tested positive for hepatitis A and alerted management, resulting in local health officials vaccinating 2,700 people, some of whom graciously decided to file a class-action suit against the company. True, no one contracted hepatitis from the scare, but since when have pertinent facts ever gotten in the way of a potentially juicy restaurant lawsuit? This slogan idea sends a positive message to the dining public that Olive Garden is the place to eat, especially if you have stellar health-care benefits.

Olive Garden needs a new slogan -- bring on the bread and circuses!

4. Olive Garden -- Marginally Better Than Fazoli's!

Again, this slogan has the ring of truth. While both Fazoli's and Olive Garden have similarities -- spaghetti, lasagna, fettuccine Alfredo and endless breadsticks -- Olive Garden has a few amenities that Fazoli's does not offer: non-plastic silverware, for example, as well as more than two dessert choices and actual table service. But Fazoli's comes out on top in portion sizes, cost and overall value, so if it weren't for those delicious little chocolate mints that Olive Garden gives out with the checks, these restaurants would be in a virtual deadlock. The Olive Garden marketing team can and should capitalize on the fact that they have a narrow margin of victory --especially if they are considering downsizing those mints.

3. Olive Garden -- you can eat here even if you don't have gift cards!

It's a good thing that so many people lack imagination -- and gift-giving motivation -- during the holiday season, because if it weren't for those $25 gift cards available for purchase in grocery store checkout lines, Olive Garden might not be quite as popular as it is. The idea of dining at an Olive Garden even if you have already used up your Christmas gift cards is a fairly novel concept, but if this marketing slogan is really pushed and backed by a few television ads featuring people using actual money to pay for food at an OG, the chain might succeed at getting folks to dine there past January.

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