Paul Ryan loves a challenge -- but a Johnson's Corner cinnamon roll?

Paul Ryan loves a challenge -- but a Johnson's Corner cinnamon roll?

Paul Ryan is a marathon man. The Republican vice-presidential candidate runs them (although his time is in dispute) and he's been on a marathon campaign trip through all the swing states, including Colorado.

Where today Ryan and the Romney campaign will visit Johnson's Corner in Johnstown, just south of the Loveland exit on I-25? But will he eat the most iconic item at this iconic spot? See also: - The shiny new Johnson's Corner just ain't what it used to be - Guess where I'm eating? (And it's not Johnson's Corner) - Best Cinnamon Rolls: Johnson Corner

Johnson's Corner, which opened sixty years ago, has been renowned for its cinnamon roll from the start. And even though the truck stop underwent a major renovation seven years ago, the cinnamon rolls have not been trimmed down for these health-conscious times.

The rolls are so popular that they're now even sold at local 7-Eleven outlets. Where a quick look at the label reveals that these sugar-packed packages carry a hefty 1,140 calories.

Ryan was ready for the challenge of taking on the Obama-Biden team -- but is he ready to tackle one of these?

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Johnson's Corner

2842 SE Frontage Rd.
Johnstown, CO 80534


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