Peach Mojito

As I walked toward Sengers on the Fax, a homeless person who'd strategically placed himself near the entrance asked if I could "help out." After living in New York for years and finally figuring out that "help out" means "give me money for drugs and booze," I came up with an alternate strategy: I keep Clif Bars in my purse and assuage my middle-class guilt by handing them out instead of cash. But as I presented this fellow with an Oatmeal Raisin Walnut bar, he looked at me and said, "This isn't going to work. I'm allergic to nuts." And that's when I knew that Colfax had really changed: Now even the bums are discriminating. As places like the long-in-the-tooth Longhorn are replaced by the sexy and sensuous Sengers, the familiar crackheads are being replaced by allergy-conscious vagabonds who know that the new class of young, beautiful bar-hoppers who come to these spots have cash in their pockets. And not only is Sengers a great place to spend, but it can compete with any bar in town in terms of style and substance. It's gorgeously appointed with fabulous artwork, luxurious lounging and a rooftop deck complete with trees and a flat-screen TV. Up on that roof on a beautiful Denver evening, I tried the Peach Mojito ($8), made with muddled orange and mint topped with Stoli Peach vodka and a splash of both Sprite and soda. I enjoyed this new twist on the popular cocktail as much as I enjoyed Sengers's new twist on Colfax. Brother, can you spare another Peach Mojito?


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