Peppadew Martini

It seems like every time I turn around, there's another wonderful, delicious and -- just as important -- independent restaurant opening up in the Potter-Highlands district. The most recent addition is Duo, owned by Keith Arnold, Stephanie Bonin and Scott Raderstorf. Keith and Stephanie, who are husband and wife, have lived in the area for three years and recognized that it could use a solid neighborhood restaurant -- one with a comfortable, homey feel, exposed brick walls and a pretty curved bar made of rusted steel. But they went above and beyond the call when they brought in chef John Broening and servers so friendly they make people want to return again and again. On Stephanie's suggestion, I tried the Peppadew Martini ($9), made of Grey Goose and peppadew juice. Although northwest Denver is known for its chiles, this sweet, piquant pepper is a South African import and has a bite somewhere between a medium-hot chile and a plain bell pepper. I quickly discovered it also makes for a damn good mixer with a little vodka. So now that I'm a Peppa, wouldn't you like to be a Peppa, too?


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