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Pinche Tacos is taking new name suggestions until noon today, announcing winner

What's it going to be? Donkey Haute Tacos? Bad Ass Tacos? Or how about Pi***e Tacos? As Cafe Society readers know, Pinche Tacos, one of Denver's newest street food carts is looking for a new name for its planned 16th Street Mall location, and today's the last day to lob your suggestions their way.

You've got till noon to make your voice heard on Pinche Tacos' Facebook page. "We're looking for a G-rating...maybe PG-13 at most," says Pinche Tacos' website.

Pinche Tacos' owner and chef Kevin Morrison says he's got two names in mind, but he's withholding judgment until everyone has had a chance to make new suggestions or vote on existing ones. Shortly after noon today, he'll announce the winner, who will receive free lunches at Pinche Tacos for a year or a $500 catering package.

Approval of Pinche Tacos' 16th Street cart was withdrawn earlier this year after the Downtown Denver Business Improvement District learned that "pinche" is a swear word in Spanish. Pinche Tacos owner and chef Kevin Morrison used the situation to his advantage, however, and launched the online renaming contest.

Pinche Tacos currently sells tacos at the Cherry Creek Farmers Market with additional locations, including the one on the 16th Street Mall, rolling out this summer. Morrison says he'll have a cart up and running on Market Street between 18th and 19th any day now and also plans to be at Civic Center Eats Tuesdays starting June 15.

The 16th Street cart, with its newly minted name, is slated to make its debut early next month. For more information on Denver's rocking street food scene, check out this week's cover story.

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