Things are quiet at Playa AzulEXPAND
Things are quiet at Playa Azul
Mark Antonation

Playa Azul Goes Dark on South Federal Boulevard

Weekends are generally a busy time on Federal Boulevard, with parking lots packed at every Vietnamese and Mexican joint along the strip — even the ones with empty dining rooms during the week. But as the sun set on Federal on Sunday night, the lights didn't come on at Playa Azul. A closer look revealed a notice on the door indicating that the place had been closed for a liquor license violation.

While restaurants often return after a suspension, the sign on the front of the building has been removed, so things aren't looking good. That sign carried the name Playa Azul II, but the original is long gone, having at one point occupied the corner of 15th and Curtis streets downtown, where Sam's No. 3 now stands.

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