Pyrat Rum & Coke

A few weeks ago, as part of my warmup for the Denver Film Festival, I headed to Starz FilmCenter for a training session with a heavy independent film. But first I stopped by the concession stand, where I was delighted to find a bar. Actually, to call it a "bar" is an overstatement -- I've seen better bars in college dorms. Still, I couldn't help but appreciate the effort. In all, there were about ten bottles of alcohol -- four flavored vodkas, a plain vodka, gin, whiskey and bourbon, plus a few random choices. I went with the Pyrat Rum & Diet Coke ($5.50), the perfect nutritional complement for Red Vines, my movie-theater staple. During the film marathon, I may have to survive on this combo, since the festival, which runs through November 19, includes movies all day and evening at Starz and parties starting at 10 every night. If you plan to go the distance, be sure to stretch (perhaps something with subtitles), weight train (24-ounce curls are crucial), and cross-train with a documentary film one day, animation the next. And most important in a marathon -- as with everything else in life -- choosing the right shoes is crucial. I'm in this for the long run.


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