Burrito from Scratch Burrito & Happy Tap
Burrito from Scratch Burrito & Happy Tap
Lori Midson

Reader: A $10 burrito? Somewhere in Denver, a hard-working Mexican is laughing

Clay Markwell used to cook at TAG. Now he has a place of his own: Scratch Burrito & Happy Tap, which just opened yesterday in northwest Denver, in the former home of Shazz. The focus here is on burritos, big burritos, which "map back to different cultures and cuisines," says Scratch's exec chef/owner. There are eight versions available, each happily stuffed with smart, fresh ingredients and served with a seasonal side salad for $9.50. The food looks great, the place looks great...but is the price right?

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Says Guest:

Not sure what a $10 burrito tastes like, but I have to admit I will line up with the rest of the Yupsters to try. Somewhere in Denver a hard-working Mexican immigrant is laughing his ass off at us all. Or perhaps crying.

How much would you pay for a burrito? What's the best burrito deal you've found in town? The worst?


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