The Bagel Store.
The Bagel Store.
Cassandra Kontnik

Reader: Bagel Snobs? Next It Will Be $4 Toast Like in San Francisco

Has Denver become a city of bagel snobs? That's what one reader suggests, as the debate over Denver bagels versus New York bagels -- as exemplified by Rosenberg's Bagels & Delicatessen -- continues. But according to that same reader, there's another danger lurking on the horizon: designer toast. See also: The Denver Bagel versus the New York Bagel

Says Angerisagift:

Just make a decent bagel at a reasonable price. WTF? Bagel snobs now, too. Next it will be $4 fucking toast like in San Francisco.

And then there's this from Jonah:

Rather have a donut. Bored overprivileged white folk.

Would you rather have a doughnut than read another word about Denver's bagel wars? How about some toast? Who has the best in town -- and how much would you pay?


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