Inside Bonanno Brothers Pizzeria.
Inside Bonanno Brothers Pizzeria.

Reader: Bonanno Brothers Closes in Park Meadows -- Let Them Eat Papa John's!

Eighteen months ago, when renowned restaurateur/chef Frank Bonanno revealed that he was opening Bonanno Brothers Pizzeria in Park Meadows Shopping Center, Cafe Society readers had high hopes the venture would inject some local flavor in an area whose main dining options are outposts of national chains: Brio Tuscan Grille, California Pizza Kitchen, the Cheesecake Factory, Earl's, La Sandia, P.F. Chang's, White Chocolate Grill and Red Robin (which is at least based in Denver). Since then, Seasons 52 has opened in the mall, where it will soon be joined by Perry's Steakhouse & Grille. But Bonanno Brothers is no more. See also: Bonanno Brothers Pizzeria Tosses Its Last Pie in Park Meadows

Reader: Bonanno Brothers Closes in Park Meadows -- Let Them Eat Papa John's!

At the end of August, Bonanno closed his first venture outside of metro Denver -- where he has plenty of other places on which he can focus his efforts, ranging from Mizuna to Salt & Grinder. Says Jameson:

Sucks to see it go, Bonanno is true talent and taste --something the people of Park Meadows and their taste in food know nothing of. Hope it comes back to life in Denver.

Says DenverGregg:

Yet another inventive restaurant in outer suburbia that didn't get enough customers to last. Sad, but hardly surprising.There's minimal overlap between the people who want to live in BFE and people who want good restaurants around them.

Says Philip:

Can't force quality on people.....give me mediocracy or give me Papa Johns.

Is it impossible for a smart local effort to make it in a mall? And what would you like to see at Park Meadows? Read more comments on the closing of Bonanno Brothers here; post your thoughts below.


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