Reader: Bring back Mr. Steak, Denver Drumstick or White Spot!

Vintage Mr. Steak postcard: Pleased to meat you!
Vintage Mr. Steak postcard: Pleased to meat you!

A black hole at 2200 South Broadway has swallowed another restaurant: an outpost of Zocalo. The building that was once home to Mr. Steak has housed a succession of unsuccessful spots over the last decade, and the news of yet another closure prompted one reader to suggest that it's time to bring back Mr. Steak, or another blast from the past.... See also: Zocalo closes South Broadway location

Says denvergregg:

Let's hope for a revival of Mr. Steak or maybe another historic spot like Sirloin Stockade, Denver Drumstick, Bundy's Festival, Lutz's, Duffy's Shamrock or White Spot.

What defunct Denver restaurant would you like to see make a comeback? What concept would work in this spot on South Broadway? Post your thoughts below -- and read other suggestions here.

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