Reader: Business is business, but I don't cater to bad customers

Lori Midson eats out hundreds of times a year, which gives her ample opportunity to observe servers and diners alike. And lately, she's noticed a lot of guests displaying obnoxious theatrics, which inspired her list of the "Ten rudest things customers do to make servers wish you'd never come to their restaurants."

The post inspired plenty of rude comments, too.

Says Denver Chef:

The fact that there are people who can disagree with damn near anything on this list is the reason that chefs like me make a point to enter the dining room, politely pull these people aside, and ask them to kindly go fuck themselves somewhere else. Business is business, but bad customers aren't a demographic I cater to. You don't respect my family then I don't give a fuck about your nice night out with the vacant-eyed bimbo/emotionally castrated prick/little shit monkey short bus kids you may be with. Treating 'subordinates' with disrespect is a sign of a weak person, lacking in moral fiber. And to "ShunkSucks": Judging by the way you talk to women, I'm guessing you're the same type of person that would raise a hand to a woman or even a child. I hope some day we should I can teach you some manners with a tire iron.

What is the worst thing you've seen customers do? Post it below, or add it to the list already under way here.


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