Reader: Cherry Cricket Is Great, One of the Last Original Joints Left

A classic Cricketburger.
A classic Cricketburger.
Danielle Lirette

Gretchen Kurtz was craving a burger, so she headed to the Cherry Cricket, an institution in Cherry Creek. And although that neighborhood is changing, she found the burgers at the Cricket as good as ever. Some readers disagreed with her recent review, though, calling the place overrated. And that's inspired a backlash from Cricket fans. Says Devin:

Cherry Cricket is great! Leave them alone. They are a great, old-school burger joint/pub, one of the last original, landmark places left and — to berate them is ridiculous! An affordable, fun place to meet up within Cherry Creek is something no other place has been able to provide for the last thirty years. Let it go, Westword. Cherry Cricket is where I used to obtain your publication.

Last chance to weigh in on the Cricket — at least for now. Do you think it's overrated, or does it deserve its reputation as a Denver institution? 

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Cherry Cricket

2641 E. 2nd Ave.
Denver, CO 80206


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