Reader: Closing of Carbone's is a consequence of hipsters invading Denver

Reader: Closing of Carbone's is a consequence of hipsters invading Denver

After months of rumors, Carbone's Italian Sausage has closed -- at least temporarily. "We will be be temporarily closed due to a sickness in the family," says the message on the business's voicemail, which then thanks customers for their years of patronage. But will Carbone's be back? Matriarch Rosa Lenardo has been warning patrons for months that the forty-year-old deli might close. "I don't got no choice," she told Cafe Society this past summer. "Nobody in the family wants to do this, and I can't do it anymore."

This sad news follows the recent closing of two other Italian institutions in the neighborhood: Pagliacci's and Longo's Subway Tavern. See also: - Carbone's Italian Sausage closes temporarily; "hopefully we'll be back" - Red Alert: Denver's old-school Italian joints are disappearing - Photos: Last supper at Pagliacci's

Says plpllawson:

One of the consequences of this influx of Hipsters into Denver. All the things that made Denver what it is are being destroyed, "Paved Paradise, Put Up a Condo Parking Lot."

Once it's gone, it can never come back.

And adds DonkeyHotay:

So why don't one of you Highland Hipsters dip into your trustfund / $$$ and rescue the place?

Can Carbone's be saved? Who can ride to the rescue? Post your suggestions below.

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Carbone's Italian Sausage Deli - Closed

1221 W. 38th Ave.
Denver, CO 80211


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