Reader: Deep-dish pizza here doesn't taste anywhere near as good as in Chicago

Patxi Azpiroz with one of his deep-dish pies.
Patxi Azpiroz with one of his deep-dish pies.
Lori Midson

Do you have to be in the Windy City to get real Chicago-style, deep-dish pizza? Or can you find an excellent approximation in Cherry Creek, at an outlet of a California-based chain whose chef/co-owner, Patxi Azpiroz, was living in San Francisco when he decided to create a great deep-dish pie -- in the kitchen of his apartment. From the first location in Palo Alto, Patxi's has begun to spread across the country, with a third metro location downtown this fall.

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Fans of Patxi's say that a bite of its pizza is the next best thing to sitting down before a big deep-dish pizza in Chicago. Says David:

It's actually pretty legit. Not better than some of the places in Chicago, but pretty damn respectable.

But some people can't get beyond location, location, location. Says Rich:

Aside from the look, it won't taste anywhere near as good as it does in Chicago.

Do you like deep-dish pizza? How do you like the Patxi's pizza? Is it the best version in Denver? And what's your favorite Chicago-style pie in Chicago? Post your thoughts below.

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Patxi's Pizza

185 Steele St.
Denver, CO 80206


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