Pulled pork sandwich at Kings BBQ.
Pulled pork sandwich at Kings BBQ.
Danielle Lirette

Reader: Denver's Barbecue Is Atrocious

Krewe Crescent City BBQ closed last week, capping off what's been a tough year for Denver barbecue. We lost the last outpost of longtime favorite Big Papa's; Country Time closed its doors; Big Hoss left Tennyson. But there have been gains: Tennyson Street BBQ is now smokin' in Berkeley, Ragin' Hog just reopened in that neighborhood after an expansion of both the kitchen and its hours, Kings BBQ opened just to the north, and the northern suburbs have several worthy new barbecue contenders. But this reader is not encouraged: See also: Krewe Crescent City BBQ Closes, Will Merge With Stoney's

Darnell greeted the news of Krewe's closing with this:

Once again, let it be known that Denver's BBQ is atrocious.

Do you think Denver's barbecue scene is "atrocious"? Or do you think the scene is smokin'? What do you consider the best barbecue joints around metro Denver?


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