Reader: DIA needs to wake up and smell the coffee

Reader: DIA needs to wake up and smell the coffee

Denver International Airport may have just been named the "Best Airport in North America" -- for the sixth consecutive year! -- by Business Traveler magazine, but it's definitely lacking in a few departments. Souvenir beer sales, for example. And here's how Bubba responds to Laura Shunk's list of the "Best Places to Eat Breakfast at DIA":

GIVE ME A BREAK..DIA is a joke when it comes to A, B and C terminals in that if your flight is delayed and you land late late night, wee hours of the morning or need to be there at 3:30a or 4a for a 6a flight, there's NOTHING open...

It's embarrassing that travelers stuck in terminals can't even get a lousy cup of coffee. FAIL. (The DIA lame-o answer is "well you can get something in the main terminal MAYBE) ..Yeah, I'm switching planes and you want me to go from C all the way in and back out to get a friggin' sandwich? FAIL.

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