Reader: Drunk or sober, there's no shame in eating at Tacos Rapidos

There's no shame in eating this!
There's no shame in eating this!

After Mark Antonation reached the end of the Federal line with a stop at Viva Burrito, a reader weighed in with the best time to eat at Viva Burrito -- when you're drunk and without shame. Which prompted many other suggestions of the best places to eat when you're drunk and have no shame: Pete's Kitchen. Tom's Kitchen, Barricuda's, which just celebrated its twentieth birthday. And the crowd favorite? Tacos Rapidos.

See also: Where do you eat when you're drunk and have no shame? Viva Burrito!

But as Jena points out:

Tacos Rapidos, but there's absolutely no shame in that. That place is tasty.

And not only is Tacos Rapidos open 24/7, there are three locations: On West Evans, West Alameda and in Brighton.

Drunk or sober, what are your favorite spots to stop for late-night snacks?

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