Andrea Knight opened The Noshery this summer.
Andrea Knight opened The Noshery this summer.
Danielle Lirette

Reader: Enough of Those Hip Spots -- the Senada Bakery Has Hunks!

This week Gretchen Kurtz reviewed The Noshery, a bakery-cafe that's a welcome addition to northwest Denver -- and just the kind of place that every neighborhood should have. Fortunately, many neighborhoods around town have their own great hangouts, including the five bakery-cafes profiled here.

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And there are many more worthwhile cafes in the area, including this one cited by The Fabulous Mark T:

For something a bit different, I was going to suggest stopping by Senada Bakery here in Aurora (whose owners are from Bosnia) and sampling their delicious treats. Sirnica, burek, krompiruša, tulumba... mmmmmmmm

No, it may not be as "hip" or "now" as the places in the article, but honestly, is substance over style really such a bad thing?

PS: Ladies, there are always plenty of buff Balkan guys there if that appeals to you. They may not have quite the build of Siniša Dvorski, but I think you'll still enjoy :)

Sounds delicious!

What other bakery-cafes do you like to visit -- for eye candy, baked goods, or simply a good cup of coffee and some company?


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