Reader: F the spoiled hipsters -- Highlands Ranch needs a Tavern

Tavern Downtown: This is not Highlands Ranch.
Tavern Downtown: This is not Highlands Ranch.

The news that Tavern Hospitality Group will start work on a spot on South Pearl Street this summer -- Tavern Platt Park is going in the former home of India's Pearl -- and has also bought a building in Highland for a future Tavern LoHi brought howls of dismay from some residents of those neighborhoods.

Meanwhile, down in the southern 'burbs, a Tavern looks pretty good to one reader.

Says Primeflex:

Come to Highlands Ranch, especially near University and Highlands Ranch Pkwy. We'll welcome you with open arms. The burbs are virgin territory. We'll love you here. F the spoiled hipsters.

Can LoHi handle a Tavern? How about South Pearl Street? Where would you like to see the next Tavern?

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