Reader: Fat Tire Is a Gateway Beer Into Craft Brews

Fat Tire's 3.2 label.
Fat Tire's 3.2 label.

Although New Belgium has long made 3.2 beer for festivals, the brewery will now be selling 3.2 Fat Tire — which means 4 percent alcohol by volume, or 3.2 percent alcohol by weight — in cans and bottles in order to enter states with specific liquor requirements, like Utah. As a byproduct of this move (and Colorado's own peculiar alcohol rules), you could soon walk into a Colorado supermarket and pick up a twelve-pack of 3.2 Fat Tire — but don't expect these readers to get in line. Says Dennis:

Fat Tire is a gateway beer into craft beers. I have moved on to bigger and tastier beers.

Adds Steve:

Maybe some day Jack Daniels will start making bourbon that won't get me drunk either, just so I can enjoy the taste.  

Concludes Jeff:

3.2% beer made sense for 18-year-olds as training beer — not so much for adults.

Do you buy 3.2 beer? Will you buy the 3.2 Fat Tire?

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