Reader: Five beers later, the Deluxe skillet was mine

Hot sauces? Steak knives? Wallpaper?

Yesterday, Lori Midson dished the dirt on "Dining thieves: Weird and crazy stuff people steal". And while Cafe Society's readers aren't quite the scofflaws described on seattle.eater, her post still collected a few interesting well as this from GFTW:

This is all small beans to what the staff themselves steal! One cook I worked with stole so much from the hotel he could've opened his own restaurant. Seriously.

But we'll give the last word to Dan5280, for this confession:

Any mention of taking pint glasses from Bull & Bush and a mac & cheese skillet from Deluxe would be an admission of guilt, so I didn't actually do that. However, I can honestly say I returned the skillet the next day, and for reasoning blamed the 5 beers they actually served me. LOL

(please don't take my man-card because I said LOL.)

Well, since you asked so nicely...


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