Reader: Fresh noodles put me pasta point of no return

After Laura Shunk received an e-mail from a national food pub working on a list of the best pastas around the country, she posted a piece spilling some of her own favorites, and asked readers for their own. And out poured some saucy suggestions -- Luca D'Italia, Rioja, Mizuna (fair warning: do not read them if you're hungry) -- as well as this from Claudia:

Love the homemade pasta and spaghetti sauce at Patsy's. I don't eat beef so I can't say for the meat sauce at Maggiano's but my boyfriend always orders a side. I like the Rigatoni D but really only dine at Maggiano's before or after a movie. I had a really good pasta dish at Noodles and Sauce over the holidays with homemade noodles and a sherry cream sauce but it was a special and not on the menu. I think homemade fresh noodles can really put a pasta dish over the top. Does anyone know of more restaurants that make their own noodles?

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