Reader: Gary Lee's will soon have them dancing in the street, if not on the patio

While residents of the South Gaylord Street neighborhood are still debating, and debating, Brown Dog Pizza's stymied bid to get a liquor license, on the other side of Washington Park, Gary Lee's Motor Club and Grub has finally gotten a green light on that project -- after making a few concessions.

Henry joined others in applauding the approval:

Great news! Thrilled to see common sense prevail here. Hopefully the eventual modifications of the permits will happen and we'll get one more great social spot in the hood.

To get the support of two neighborhood associations, Bomar agreed to end the live music off early -- and to ban dancing, for now. Which inspired this from Fletcher Davis:

Music, but no dancing? I've seen this movie, and it ends with all of us rapscallions riding around in tractors, reading the bible in town hall, then totally glamming up a barn to have a liberating dance-a-thon all while Kenny Loggins plays in the background.

Get loose!


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