Station 26 is in the heart of family-friendly Stapleton.
Station 26 is in the heart of family-friendly Stapleton.

Reader: Give Stapleton parents a break and understand they need a beer

There are some standard hot topics in the restaurant industry: What constitutes good service, what's a fair tip -- and when and where are kids welcome? Last week -- just in time for the holidays -- we posted a list of ten great craft-beer patios to try this summer, and the mention of one particular spot, Station 26, spilled over into a sticky discussion this week. Station 26 is smack-dab in the middle of the Stapleton neighborhood, and so attracts many families. But this is not the only area where parents are hungry for a spot they can go with their kids....and still sample an adult beverage.

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Says Pucklife:

Kids do ruin everything. Restaurants, breweries, airplane flights, schools, animals, public restrooms, churches, I could go on... So give Stapletonians a break and understand that they need a beer without having to pay for childcare. In honor of this post, I am going to Station 26 this weekend. I am bringing all my children with me and they are loud. But I always welcome parenting advice from people who don't have children. They are so much wiser on the subject than experienced parents.

Parents: If you want to take the family out and have a beer, where do you go? Where do you go when you leave the kids at home? And non-parents: What are the places you avoid if you don't want to see other people's children?

We're working on a list of family-friendly spots; all suggestions welcome. Post them below.


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