Reader: Goodbye, Trinity Grille...and Thank You!

The bar at the Trinity Grille.
The bar at the Trinity Grille.
Kate Kennedy

The Trinity Grille closed this weekend after 33 years of service in downtown Denver. The restaurant had opened across from the Brown Palace during the oil-and-gas-boom days and weathered several busts after that; regulars swore by the deep-fried lobster, schnitzel and green chile, of all things. But now the bar has poured its last martini; La Loma is moving off its perch in Jefferson Park and moving into this space while it builds another restaurant in the Platte Valley. That's some consolation for Connie, who says:

Unless you grew up in Denver in the prime of the '80s working in the oil-and-gas industry, you will never appreciate the Trinity Grille like we did. So many good memories. Or La Loma as well! I'm glad we're keeping it local! Denver is changing, and I'm glad I grew up when I did here.

Adds Daniel: 

 David Bowie was so right about his song in the Restaurant Biz.....CCCCHHHHHANNNGES.....

Adds Marypat: 

When I worked on 17th and California, I spent many happy hours at Trinity Grille with my friends. We loved their crab cakes, and liquid libations! Good memories.....

Adds Jeff Coates: 

Had some really nice meals here over the years — goodbye, Trinity, and thank you!

Concludes Johnny: 

Sad day. 

When was the last time you visited the Trinity? How do you think La Loma will do in that spot?

La Loma is moving into the former Trinity Grille.
La Loma is moving into the former Trinity Grille.
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Trinity Grille - Closed

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