Reader: Green Russell pours on the pretentious

Reader: Green Russell pours on the pretentious

To be pretentious or not? About the only than that people could agree on after reading the interview with Adam Hodak of the Green Russell was that a margarita needs real lime.

Says Grrr:

I think this article headline/title is ironic since we tried to go to the acclaimed Green Russell on Wednesday night and received the most pretentious service at the door I've ever had in town. I understand that GR is incredibly popular right now, but I felt like I was being questioned and denied access at a Vegas hot spot or something. (I must say, we were all Colorado-chic dressed, late twenties and thirties small group having just come from a nice business dinner across the street--not like we were a group of giggling 21 year olds).

And the comments keep pouring out. Read them here.

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Green Russell

1422 Larimer St.
Denver, CO 80202


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