Reader: How Many Pizza Places Does West Highland Need?

Coming soon to West Highland.
Coming soon to West Highland.

Jeff Smokevitch found success serving Detroit-style pizza in Telluride, at Brown Dog Pizza — but when he tried bringing the concept to Denver four years ago, Brown Dog  met with heated opposition from East Washington Park neighbors. Now he and partner Giles Flanagin are trying Denver again. This time, they're naming their Detroit pie palace Blue Pan Pizza, and putting it on West 32nd Avenue in northwest Denver — where they've gotten a much more welcoming reception. But there could still be a hurdle, says Malvoe1:

Good luck to them and all, but how many pizza places does West Highland and the surrounding area need? Pizza Alley, Pizzeria Locale, NY Pizza Pub, Hops and Pie, Carl's, Fat Sully's (soon), Parisi, Ernie's, etc, etc, etc. Sure seems like the market is saturated, but what do I know?

Can you ever have too much pizza? And if so, has West Highland reached that point? When you're looking for pizza in that neighborhood, where do you go?

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Blue Pan Pizza

3930 W. 32nd Ave.
Denver, Colorado 80212


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