A Chipotle burrito with sofritas.
A Chipotle burrito with sofritas.

Reader: I'd rather see Chipotle succeed than another precious farm-to-table bistro

Chipotle got its start in Denver, when founder Steve Ells opened the first Chipotle at 1644 Evans Avenue in July 1993. There are now 74 Chipotle locations in Colorado -- and another thousand around the globe -- and yesterday all of this state's stores introduced the first new protein in two decades, the vegan sofritas.

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The announcement was met with the usual quibbles about fast-casual food, as well as some comments about the hazards of soy. All of which prompted this from monopod:

Compared to most fast food or fast-casual food, Chipotle is the French Laundry. What other national chain uses high-quality meat that's grilled right in front of you, and can still sell you a ginormous burrito with it for $6? Personally, I'd rather see them succeed than yet another precious farm-to-table bistro that charges $18 for three bites of food.

Would you rather eat at Chipotle than at a farm-to-table bistro? And do you plan to try sofritas?


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