Reader: If I get charged by the pound, it's not pizza

Honey is a hallmark at Beau Jo's.
Honey is a hallmark at Beau Jo's.

How about some pizza to soak up all the comments still coming in about Jenn Wohletz's "five cocktails only dickheads would order," as well as Sean Kenyon's response? While Lori Midson has everyone guessing about a pizza covered with apple slices, Jenn Wohletz visited Beau Jo's, which just celebrated its fortieth anniversary as a homegrown Colorado chain. The specialty there is the mountain pie, which is a mountain of food.

And sometimes size matters. See also: - Beau Jo's pizza: After forty years, don't go changing... - Guess where I'm eating a pizza strewn with apples? - Five pizzas only dickheads would order

And not in a good way. Says Iris:

If I get charged by the pound, it's not pizza.

Denver Dave gets more specific:

I tried this place several times when they first opened and a time or two over the years but it just has never been my thing - way too much bread/crust - one piece and I'm done. I prefer a little more finesse in my pie. More is not always better. Enzo's and Paxti's put this place to shame.

What do you think of the pizza at Beau Jo's? What are your favorite pizza places in town?

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Beau Jo's

2710 S. Colorado Blvd.
Denver, CO 80222


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