Reader: If You Would Rather Go to an Art or Rockabilly Bar, Remember to Wear Your Skirt

DADA Art Bar -- no remote needed!
DADA Art Bar -- no remote needed!

Fall Sundays could be state holidays, as Denver Bronco fans flock to local watering holes to worship their team and drink plenty of beer. But there are still many people who'd rather keep the taps on and the TV off, and so last week we served up our five best bars for not watching the Denver Broncos on Sunday.

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TV or not TV? There are no TVs at My Brother's Bar.
TV or not TV? There are no TVs at My Brother's Bar.

Mike didn't appreciate the suggestions:

If you would rather go to an art or rockabilly bar than to watch football, you are a sissy. Just remember to wear your skirt, you disgusting pansies.

Responds Donkeyhotayy:

I'm SO glad not every dude is into sports. I have a manly man who isn't interested in sports at all. And he has no desire to wear another man's shirt. (Hint: if you're wearing a shirt with a man's name on the back, just who is the pansy/sissy in this scenario?)

And Zack spoke for many when he offered this assessment of our list:

Sweet Jesus, thank you!

By the way, one of our favorite bars in town -- My Brother's Bar -- did not make the list, because while it does not have TVs, it is not open Sunday. What other bars around town skip the televised entertainment in favor of in-person conversation...or just letting you drink in silence?

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DADA Art Bar - Closed

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