Reader: Is Highland under attack by skinny-jean-wearing hipsters?

Denver is a city filled with great neighborhoods -- and ardent fans of those neighborhoods, whatever they may be called. We've had debates here over the name of the area northwest of Washington Park, whether Boulder can be considered a neighborhood, where LoDo ends and the Ballpark Neighborhood begins, and whether Larimer Square is part of LoDo. But the loudest discussions involve Northwest Denver.

The latest? Whether Charlie's Ice Cream Social is in Berkeley. And while we're in the neighborhood....

Says Lbortolotto:

Talk about neighborhood controversy! You haven't even touched on the can-of-worms that is Lower Highland, or Highland, or LoHi. Just the mere mention of the realtor-inspired monicker 'LoHi' is enough to get long-time residents into a twist.

As a business owner in the area, 'LoHi' is catchy and trendy and the kids dig it; however diplomacy requires the use of the term 'Highland' when dealing with long time residents as they feel their neighborhood is under attack by skinny-jean wearing hipsters and Porsche-driving yuppies. Oh how the times have changed!

Yes, they have, and nowhere more than in northwest Denver -- no matter what you call the area north of Colfax, west of I-25. And what do you call it? Post your comment below, or join the conversation already under way here.

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Charlie's Ice Cream Social - Closed

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